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Psychological Services

My professional competencies are described here and in the linked pages. The work is usually about creating safe and curious spaces where we can express and reflect on whatever spontaneously arises within and between sessions. As we explore your concerns and cultivate trust, our growing therapeutic relationship will allow long-standing patterns and perceptions to be lived out and examined.

Philosophy and Approach: I offer my interpersonal sensibilities seasoned with advanced training in contemporary forms of psychoanalysis including the early beginnings of infant observation. I believe that through a collaborative exploration of early beginnings, we have the capacity to gain the insight and the experiences needed to move forward in new and creative ways. The therapeutic relationship becomes the laboratory and the playground for learning to cope with personal feelings and relational wounds as well as create lasting capacities for authenticity in welcomed intimate connections with self and others. In this context Cognitive, Behavioral and Mindfulness techniques may also be used alongside my Psychoanalytic practice.*

Professional Competencies

A large portion of my services are invested in professionals and students who are in the Helping Professions, 12-Step Sponsorship, or Spiritual Direction. Many of my patients have tried previous attempts at psychotherapy and simply needed a more intensive treatment alliance.

Typical Areas of Focus

  • Broken Trust
  • Long-term Depression and Anxiety
  • Emotional Phobias
  • Shame, Long-Standing Insecurity, Low Self-Esteem & A Critical Spirit
  • Relational Difficulties, Envy, Resentment
  • Addiction, Recovery and Codependency
  • Personality Issues & Personal Growth
  • Identity and Empathy Mal-Formation
  • Men's Issues
  • Sexuality
  • Women's Issues
  • Trauma, Grief, Bereavement, Loss

* While I can use CBT and Mindfulness techniques to help you reduce symptoms I find that many people desire a deeper and more meaningful change for what they feel is “the real problem” that takes place at the intersection between self and other. This level of change ensues, I believe, when we stay relationally and mindfully engaged in the therapeutic alliance. Sometimes this is described as gradually developing the ability to remain in the present moment and fully engage with emotions as they come and go. See Shedler for an introduction to research on the mutual and complementary effectiveness of CBT and Psychodynamic approaches to the healing relationship.

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