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About Don


As a counselor I count it a privilege to work with the adults, couples, families and children who have seen me over the past 24 years. I learn from each person who asks me to become a part of his or her story by creating a helpful and empowering therapeutic relationship.  I look forward to meeting new clients, understanding their hearts desire as well as their suffering, and facilitating progress.  There is so much to learn, and as I learn the process grows still more profoundly moving, rewarding, awe-inspiring and humbling.  


After earning an AA degree in Math and Science and a BA in Psychology (Biola University, 1987) I worked in an inpatient psychiatric setting in California helping adolescents and their families survive crisis as well as helping youth with alcohol and drug issues and youth with more severe mental illness.  This was a highly behavioral and humanistic treatment setting and though very challenging, the one-on-ones, family groups and psychodramas became a valuable basis for my further training and personal growth.  Nine years later I completed a doctorate in clinical psychology at George Fox University (1996) after having learned from work experience in general outpatient clinics, universities, two psychiatric hospitals and a drug and alcohol program.  My degrees provided me with specialized training in psychotherapy as well as the integration of psychology and theology.  My dissertation investigated the effects of father absence and antecedents of nurturant fathering.  As a Psychologist, I have been licensed and practicing privately in Beaverton since completing my residency under the psychodynamic training of Kurt Free, PhD (1998).  I am a member of the Oregon Psychological Association and adhere to the ethical principles upheld by this group.  I maintain affiliations with peers and several professional associations that facilitate my continued education.  Over the years I taught groups of counselors, pastors, medical professionals, graduate students, community groups and parents.


Spiritual development in adulthood continues to be important to me.  During the last decade I extended my training in the classical and contemporary theories and techniques of psychoanalysis with the community of the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center, including their experiential Infant Observation Program. Several years ago I entered intensive training in the practice of modern psychoanalysis in dialogue with Christian spirituality through the integrative, relational and contemplative program of the Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Thought. This ongoing training continues to develop my clinical expertise in work with adults. My own spiritual practice and interpersonal relationships help me detoxify and continue learning from experience in a life of faith. 


My work is also influenced by my relationship with Jesus and the impact that has on my understanding of people.  I try to follow the word and way of Christ and therefore welcome a diversity of people to my practice from backgrounds, identities, and philosophical or religious world views that are different from my own. Each person brings their own experience so I ask my clients to educate me regarding their individual differences that are particularly meaningful to them.

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