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For articles regarding Mental Health and Relationships feel free to visit this page occasionally for informative and engaging links. I invite your recommendation of topics and resources for my consideration. The ideas presented in these links may contain content (even ads) that I do not agree with nore wish to promote.  I simply offer this page to stimulate new ideas, occasionally in playful ways.  

(A 9-minute film by Garrick Duckler)

Help with recognizing our own RACISM:

Historical Global Context: Abolitionism in the United Kindom:

Our Unfortunate Cultural Heritage: The Long Shadow

(a 2018 Documentary by Frances Causey)

Consider the different experience of living with a black body:

Botonist Justin Robinson

Sharpen your sense of the racial and cultural backgrounds of your family.

Remember, Listening doesn't start with denial. Research how to hold space for others. Prayerfully prepare yourself to recognize, confess and repent from the generational sin of dehumanizing and enslaving others.

Our Social Unrest and Racialized Pains: 

Keep in mind there are multiple conversations going on.

Start with being a careful listener in your own conversations. (see above)

Respect and support the important conversations taking place within the tensions of differentness:

Between people of faith (Christian in this case)

Between black leaders of current movements (Hawk Newsome & Candace Owens sorting it out)

Between political leaders and reporters/influencers (Tim Scott & Trevor Noah)

Consider examples of disciplined listening (Do you have other examples?)

Understand the Racialized Somatic Traumas trying to move toward a Collective Cultural Consciousness that is generative and reparative.

Marital Advice - short and sweet from Esther Perel
How Couples Address their Trauma
Keeping Care & Passion Alive 
When Your Partner is Depressed 

Connecting with your MusculoSkeletal System
When pondered, bodily pains reveal our mental habits and character,
but actually tending to our aches and pains is also a form of self-love...

Contemporary Psychoanalysis in Action
Wisdom for everyday life...

Classic: Getting him to try & Book: If my Husband Changed, I'd be Happy
Great marriages don't just happen - but what really helps?

Understanding Millennials, Job Satisfaction, Relationship Strength
Is there an App for that?

PHOTOGRAPHY by Iarmila McKinley- When your relationship feels
as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. 
Gifted, sensitive, relational, humble. 

Getting Dirty: A Part of Healthy Living! 
UPDATE: Dirt Exposure for Depression and PTSD Prevention
So sign-up or start a Community Garden like this one.

The Transition to Fatherhood and Biochemical Self-Regulation
UPDATE: The Biochemistry of Love

Tears and Caregiving: the chemical melting of Anger into Compassion
UPDATE: Facilitating Recognition with Chemosignals
So, what to do when your partner cries? It depends, is s/he an
Approacher or an Avoider?...

Good Beginnings: Understand your Infant's Communications
Intersubjectivity begins between bodies!

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