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Fees, Forms & Appointments


Payment is commonly made by check at the last session of the week according to the following rates: 

Fee Schedule:

$170 per 40+ minute individual session
$210 per up to 55-minute individual or family (couples) session
$270 per initial intake session
A table of more services and fees is available at any time we are together.

(For instance, fees to prepare and participate in consultations, extensive phone calls, emails, letters, report writing, document review and other activities at your request or on your behalf.)  

If you are unable to afford the regular fee, a subsidy can be requested to make intensive work more accessable.    

(If we cannot find a way to make treatment affordable for you, I can help you find a professional who charges less.  In the end, I hope you find the personal benefits of therapy to be a very valuable investment.)  

Insurance as a Third Party Payer

If you want to involve a health insurance company you might want to confirm with them regarding the amount of your Deductable and the portion you pay when working with OUT-OF-NETWORK providers. My policy is to collect full payment from you until your insurance has responded to billings with their explanation of benefits. When it comes to using health insurance, the best way to minimize intrusions on your privacy and maximize your treatment options is for you to bill them yourself. However, I can bill them for you quite easily. Just let me know your prefrence and then, on a monthly basis, I can bill them or give you a receipt with which you can bill them.  The average insurance company will respond within another month.    


APPOINTMENTS & missed-Appointment POLICY

My appointment policy is negotiated on an individual basis according to both of our needs. In general it resembles the following:

As we determine the frequency of sessions needed for your optimal course of treatment we will work to establish weekly standing-appointment times that are as convenient as possible for you in order to support our focused attention on you and your internal and relational experiences.

Once we have established such a schedule I will charge for all standing-appointments except when I am out of the office for vacation, holidays, or professional development.  If you are using insurance to help you manage your costs, keep in mind that you are responsible for full payment of the sessions you miss, your insurance company will not reimburse for sessions not attended.


You can set an initial appointment by calling me or pressing the Schedule An Appointment button located at the bottom of the page.



Please complete the first four forms and bring them to our first appointment.  Thank you.

1) Psychotherapist - Patient Agreement (07.23) - Swan Psych.pdf

2) initial-visit-REGISTRATION (02-24) Swan Psych - Two pages, possibly three

3) Telepsychology Consent (05.22) - Swan Psych

4) Notice of Privacy Practices (1.10) - Swan Psych  

Optional) Authorization to Release Information

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